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Attractions & Hiking

The Indian Village - EL-AL Nature reserve
The Indian Village - icon

Our resort is a convenient starting point to all the activities the Golan has to offer.
Information about attractions, itineraries, springs, restaurants and wineries in the vicinity can be found.
Golan tourism website.

Attractions nearby

The Indian Village - icon
Tel Saki
The place where a heroic battle of IDF soldiers took place during the Yom Kippur War.
Aniam Artists Village
A magical and romantic pedestrian street in a special style with colorful houses that the artists built for themselves.
The robotic barn
A futuristic, special and value-added experience. A tour of a unique and advanced barn.
De Karina Chocolatiers
DE KARINA’s premium products for a one-of-a-kind chocolate pleasure.
Hanahtom bakery
Undoubtedly the most delicious pizza in the Golan and probably in the whole country. Must taste!
Made in golam Gelato
Local gourmet ice cream, experience flavors from the Golan that you didn’t know.


The Indian Village - icon