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Nice to meet you

The Indian Village - EL-AL Nature reserve
The Indian Village - icon

The Indian Village is for couples, families, schools and groups. Each group will get suitable accommodations for their needs.
The Village has a Kosher kitchen that serves personalized meals for our guests.

The Indian Village - icon

More in the complex: Zola corners, barbecue and bonfire corners, a shared guest kitchen, large lawn.
There is a dining room that offers delicious and indulgent meals and rich meals for groups by prior arrangement.
Our site is suitable for all types of accommodation: groups, families, and couples. 
We are in a location that allows easy access to the hiking trails and springs in the southern Golan Heights.
The cross-Golan Promenade passes by,
Wineries, coffee carts and meat restaurants are a short drive away.
animals are welcome, you will be asked to wear a leash in public areas.
All tents and rooms are air conditioned.

More the village can offer?

The Indian Village - icon
Hiking Nahal El-Al
Hiking Nahal El-Al
The Black and White Waterfalls trail
The South Golan crosses Promenade
Our garden

Ecological ornamental pools with a wonderful variety of aquatic plants, nofers and pastoral coves.